Sunday, June 15, 2008

If Prospect Bend Doesn't Work Out

Back in March I suggested that current congressional candidate and - hopefully - future voter Brock Olivo run for mayor of Prospect Bend, a Florida community where they held an election and nobody voted.  Brock would fit right in.

Apparently such a move wasn't in the plans.  But, ever watchful, I've found a new spot that's just perfect for Olivo . . . Pillsbury, North Dakota.

According to the Associated Press, that small community held an election for mayor and the board of aldermen and nobody showed up to vote there either.  Not even the folks running for election.

Brock, it seems like there are several communities all around the country who are looking for your kind of leadership.

In all seriousness, Brock Olivo may be a good man and a good conservative.  In fact, he might even make a good congressman someday.  I just think that he's aiming too high for his first run for public office.  This self-described recovering apathetic should gain a little experience of involvement before taking this leap.

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