Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Will McCain Battle Obama or Concede?

Today Barack Obama accumulated the delegates he needs to gain the Democrats' presidential nomination.  (scorecard)  Unfortunately, that means that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton machine are likely to call off the dogs and stop the criticism of Obama.  And that's too bad.  (Special thanks to Rush Limbaugh and Operation Chaos for propping Hillary up as long as possible.)  Without Hillary would we have heard of Jeremiah Wright?  I doubt it.  I don't think that the Republican nominee would have the guts to raise the issue.

John McCain seems obsessed with running a "clean" campaign.  If clean simply meant ethical I would agree with him.  But McCain and his camp seem to be defining "clean" as never criticizing your opponent at any time for any reason.  In reality, McCain must take the gloves off and start telling the American people exactly who the Democrats have nominated - - the most liberal senator they could find.

President Obama?  Start planning the inauguration unless McCain is willing to fight.


Mary said...

whoooo-hoo! i'm excited about this! and was rooting for these two nominees to oppose each other... it'll be a very interesting race :)
(Hooray Obama!!!)

thetimman said...

hillary will win the nomination. before the convention, she and her hatchet men will spring the surprise they have been holding back.

there are no such things as pledged superdelegates; they are only committed when they actually vote at the convention.

St. Louis Conservative said...

I'm glad somebody's happy Miss Mary.

Mary said...

i'm overcome with emotion :)

and timman - your comment made me giggle (but don't worry - it'll never happen)

all these exclamation points and smiley faces...i think it's time for bed!