Monday, June 9, 2008

"Why couldn't this have been me?"

A good friend of mine blogs at St. Louis Catholic.  His post on the "failed abortion" of Finley Percival (shown here again with his mother Jodie) received the comment copied below from an anonymous woman.  Her words brought tears to my eyes.  And her story should be shared with any woman contemplating abortion and with any person calling themselves "Pro-Choice."

Here is that story:

Why couldn't this have been me!? Her stupidity and selfishness was blessed with a miracle!!!!!!

I aborted my first child at the urging of my urologist and first husband. I was on a new antibiotic at the time of conception that was thought to cause lack of main extremities to unborn babies. (now they know it is cautiously safe to take)

For months after the abortion, I literally had to pull over every time I drove to let out my animal sounding cries of agony. I contemplated suicide.

I now have a wonderful husband and am blessed with several children, but will NEVER stop longing for my first. 

I have been forgiven by God through the beautiful sacrament of confession. But the pain will be with me for the rest of my life. 

All women contemplating abortion should talk to someone like me who regrets it every single day of her life.

My baby did not dance again in my womb. . .

Heartbroken Mama

08 June, 2008 10:53

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Cookie said...

Why does she say << I have been forgiven by God through the beautiful sacrament of confession >> ? Is she speaking FOR God? One either believes in the 10 commandments, or one doesn't. On the one hand, she WAS at least letting her husband, as head of the household, make their family decisions, but on the other hand, she killed. So...