Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Passes for News In 2008

Today ABC "News" announced that this September they will broadcast a "dramatic" two hour program, "Earth 2100," to tell us all what - according to ABC - we must do by 2015 for human civilization to survive this century.

I thought news was "a report of recent events."  Merriam-Webster still defines it as such.  A program planned months in advance doesn't strike me as something a true news division would be broadcasting.

Earth 2100 won't be a report of any actual "events" either.  Instead, "ABC is inviting people from around the world to bring the future to life.  We are asking you to use your imagination to create short videos about what it would be like to live through the next century if we stay on our current path."  (Emphasis added.)  These imagined images will be used with projections of ABC's selected experts to create their program.

Fiction reported as "news."  Up is down.  Black is white.


Latinmassgirl said...

More brainless "intellectualism" from the liberal left! The problem is, many people will think this fiction is fact!

St. Louis Conservative said...

They already do.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the entertainment industry is running out of imagination so we have to work for them.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Unfortunately, we probably wouldn't get paid.