Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Respect for Life in China

Today comes the story of a funeral held in China for a nine year old victim of the May earthquake.  The victim was Mao Mao - a panda.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm no panda-hater and I have no problem mourning the loss of an endangered species.  But a little perspective is needed.

China has a government policy allowing married couples to have one, and only one, child.  To maintain this rigid policy, China forces women to have abort their babies as late as nine months into the pregnancy.  And the aborted babies are discarded like trash.  (If you think I'm exaggerating, take a look at this story from National Public Radio.)

Wouldn't it be nice if China showed as much respect for human life as they did today for an unfortunate panda?


Latinmassgirl said...

Communism does not value human life, and this funeral for the Panda is an outrage!

The Chinese government tries to hide the fact, but they also kill babies after they have been born to women who break the one child rule!

Several years ago, in Reader's Digest, I read a story written by a Chinese woman doctor, who defected to America years after witnessing murders of newly born babies in the hospital, and being expected to commit them.

Her first time witnessing this horror, was a woman whom after giving birth to her second child, was pleading for her baby's life. No other doctor was in the hospital at the time, so this new doctor was told to kill the baby by injecting it in the head.

When refusing to kill the baby, she was threatened, and then a nurse was assigned to commit the murder. This courageous doctor, asked if this mother's baby could live in place of the one baby she would one day be allowed to have. They refused, and the nurse cooly killed the baby.

This doctor later defected to America, after refusing to partake, and witnessing the murder of other newly born babies. She was able to save one, after they accepted the swap of her future child for the woman's child.

If Obama is elected president and destroys our free enterprise health care by socializing medicine, forced abortions could be down the road for us!

Many people want a "free" ride, and the thought of our BIG Government giving us "free" healthcare is appealing to them. They refuse to believe we could end up with very inadequate care as Canada and European countries.

Nothing is FREE, and by giving more control to our Government, we give up our fought for freedoms!

St. Louis Conservative said...

That account of the doctor from China is truly appalling. I wish that it surprised me. I also hope that some of us will be able to put the brakes on the dire consequences of an Obama presidency. Stay vigilant!

Rebellious Roberts said...

wow ... im sorry people just want to help an endangered species. im just happy someone is doing something for the panda! i think china has shown respect for human life!!!! the aborted baby thing is they just have to keep the amount of babies down!

Latinmassgirl said...

Rebellious Robert,

You can't be serious? Just babies! I guess killing them doesn't go against human rights, so how about them just allowing a hunting season on children?

China has respect for human life? Communism and respect for life NEVER go together. Have you heard of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989?!! 2,000 - 3,000 students reported murdered, (estimated by the Red Cross.)

Do you realize that they have imprisoned, tortured and killed people for no other reason other than practicing their religion? This is not even counting the political prisoners, who simply do something that the government doesn't approve of.

China is always considered poor on human rights issues, being sited for violations on:

Female children, Because of the 1 child law, baby girls abandoned or killed, or put in orphanages. Refusing schooling to girls, 70% are illiterate.

Family Planning Policy: Forced abortions and sterilizations, and even infanticide.

Abduction and Trafficking of Women.

Violence Against Women - legal action is not taken against batterers, and it is socially acceptable for men to abuse their wives.

Oh, by the way, WOMEN are now an endangered species in China, because of their inhumane one child policy! Do they care as much for them as for the Panda?