Friday, June 6, 2008

Life Triumphant

As a parent and an expectant parent too, I cannot comprehend a thought process that would lead anyone to a decision to abort a child.  Even before I was an expectant parent for the first time I could not understand such thoughts.

Today, courtesy of Drudge Report, I came across this story of a failed abortion in England.  Finley Percival, shown here with his mother, Jodie, was born in November.

Finley's life nearly ended eight weeks after conception.  Jodie had been on birth control.  She and her husband did not want have another baby because their first child died of an inherited kidney disease and their second child suffered from it, though he lived.  Jodie said that the decision to abort this Finley "was just utterly horrible but I couldn't cope with the anguish of losing another baby."  (Sidebar question -- how did she think Finley would cope with that decision?)

At eight weeks, Jodie had an abortion.  But sometime thereafter, she felt Finley move.  She went to the doctor again and discovered that she was nineteen weeks pregnant.  Thankfully, even with the risk of kidney problems still in place, the Percivals decided to give their son another chance at life.

It sickens me to know that this baby's parents tried to end his life - and could still have done so even after he survived the first attempt.

It sickens me even more to know that in the U.S. alone, the parents of over 1.2 million Finleys "successfully" abort their children each and every year.


Dameon said...

42 million abortions world wide per year. 1.4 million American lives lost, per year, to abortion.

For those Democartic voters out there, how can anyone say that the lose of American soldiors in Iraq and Afganistan is a more important issue?

St. Louis Conservative said...

Good question. Any good answers out there?

thetimman said...

good post and article. My reaction when I read it, after the first shudders, was how devoid of a moral compass can you be when you still don't understand that this might be some sign you don't kill your baby because you THINK he might have a problem. And then you allow your photo in a national newspaper and on the internet so you can advertise your cluelessness. It is a little breathtaking.