Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hulshof and Steelman fight each other. Jay Nixon laughing all the way to the governor's mansion.

Take a look at this article from yesterday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

This is why Jay Nixon looks to be the safest bet of anybody who will be on the November ballot to win his or her election.  

The Republican candidates for governor are still too busy fighting one another with negative attacks to focus their attention on Nixon.  And their fights are costing time and money.  The fights are also generating all kinds of negative publicity for both GOP candidates.  Negative publicity that is turning Nixon - who is beatable - into a shoe-in.

It looks like Sarah Steelman may be picking the fight and Kenny Hulshof merely defending himself.  But, whoever started it, both candidates should end it now.

If you want to go negative - go negative on Nixon.  If you want to say that you're more qualified that your opponent in the primary, tell us about your strengths and accomplishments rather than your opponent's weaknesses and failures.

Both Republican candidates should should realize that they might lose the primary and then ask themselves this question . . . 

If you lose, would you rather another Republican or Jay Nixon win in November?

If you would rather Nixon win, then you are despicable and petty political animal.  Hopefully, the people will see through you and you'll never hold a position of trust again.

On the other hand, if you would rather your Republican primary opponent win in November, please stop making that less and less likely.  And stop attacking each other while Nixon stands back watching in glee.  Please wipe the smile off his face.

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