Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Worst Mistake Ronald Reagan Ever Made?

Anthony Kennedy


thetimman said...

you forget sandy o'connor?

Latinmassgirl said...

You must give Ronald Reagan credit for nominating Judge Robert Bork!

After the contentious confirmation hearings in which Bork was sabotaged, and his character assassinated, Reagan tried to nominate someone whom the Democrats would approve of.

Kennedy's record as a ninth circuit judge was conservative, but not confrontational, so he thought he would be the one.

Democrats have a history of opposing judges that adhere to our constitution, as we see in the disapproval and refusal to even allow hearings of President George W. Bush's nominations.

Years ago, I read Bork's book, "Slouching Towards Gomorrah", and would recommend it to anyone interested in our judicial tyranny, such as what is going on in California with judges ignoring the vote of the people against same sex marriage and legislating from the bench!

In Roe vs. Roe liberal judges decided abortion should be legal without a vote of the people, now they ignore the vote of the people!

Now, we don't need the Legislative Branch of our government, we just need judges to make the laws, or shall I say KINGS!

Dameon said...

That's okay, the current administration just ignores the laws anyway.

Latinmassgirl said...


The only laws the this administration, sadly ignores or at least doesn't strongly enforce are the current immigration laws.

I hope you truly don't think activist judges, illegally legislating from the bench is okay.

The liberal media refuses to report on this, so many people may not know what is going on in California now. Are you saying that it's okay, such as a situation such as the California judges ruling on two cases, by one vote, of making all laws restricting homosexual "marriage" illegal.

The California people will vote in November on a constitutional amendment, making marriage between a man and a woman only. These arrogant activist judges REFUSED a delay of homosexual "marriage" until the people can vote.

These judges are ignoring the vote of the people on LAWS protecting marriage between a man and a woman and making this joke of a marriage okay of homosexuals.

Every American had better wake up and get involved in this fight, or there will be not only homosexual marriages in every state, but marriage between several people, animals, and children. This is a slippery slope that we do not need to go sledding on!!!

St. Louis Conservative said...

I'm not sure if O'Connor or Kennedy would be the biggest mistake. I am sure that O'Connor is no longer hurting us. Kennedy is.

Reagan certainly does deserve credit for the good things that he did. But he did make mistakes - as it has turned out - Anthony Kennedy is certainly one of them.

The current administration does seem to ignore a few laws from time to time. As did the administration before this one. It might be nice for a change to have a president - or a congress - or a court system that actually abided by the Constitution.