Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama tried to delay troop withdrawal . . . to keep campaign issue

The New York Post reported today that while Barack Obama is telling American voters that he wants American troops to come home from Iraq as soon as possible, he really wants them to stay in place - and be a campaign issue - until after the November elections.  In fact, Obama "demanded" the delay in his discussions with Iraqi officials on his overseas trip this past summer.

Thankfully, the Iraqis refused and, even now, are working with American officials on details of a withdrawal.

If the job is finished and the Iraqis want us out, it is time to get out of Iraq.

If the report is true (and I suspect it is, since the key source is an interview with the Iraqi Foreign Minister - not Matt Damon), it shows a despicable selfishness on Obama's part.  But that shouldn't be a surprise, after all, he's a liberal and a politician.  By my reckoning that puts him behind in the count 0-2 right off the bat.

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