Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Economics, This Blog, and Leadership

The elephant in the room for the past several days has been the nation's financial situation.  You haven't read much about it here.  Here's why - I'm not sure what to make of it.

The situation seems dire but bailing out bad investments certainly seems like "financial socialism" and a very bad idea.   But I don't have enough information to know whether or not we're so deep in the doo-doo that we have no choice.

It is times like this that we should all realize that we elect leaders to lead our nation through crises.  Real leaders aren't worried about poll numbers or legacy building.  Instead they analyze situations (where they have more information than we do) and guide us down the chosen course.

And that's why character and integrity matter in the upcoming presidential election.  Which of the two candidates do you want steering the ship through troubling times?  And who do you think has the ability, courage, wherewithal, and fortitude to face up to this and whatever future crisis might arise?

The answer is clear.  The man for the job is John McCain.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul:




Dameon said...

I think that bailing out these companies to the tune of $700 billion is completely irresponsible.

With that kind of price tag, they'd be better off paying of the morgages of those US citizens facing foreclosure, and let the banks wallow in their own excrement. (Not that bailing out the homeowners is a responsible thing to do either, but I believe it's a better alternative to solve the problem.)

This bailout plan is a very LIBERAL thing to do, that, at the same time, smacks of the Republican tendancy to support cooperations over individuals.

I agree with annonymous - Ron Paul's got it going on. He knows what's what.

St. Louis Conservative said...

I agree with you both. Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary and Chairman of the Federal Reserve!