Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chavez's Advice to America and Saint Louis Conservative's Advice to Chavez

Saint Louis Conservative's favorite* lunatic dictator, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, is at it again.  Now, he's chimed in with advice to America on how to deal with the current financial crisis.  He's "helpfully" suggested that we drop our Constitution because it is "capitalism that caused the ruin."

Capitalism and the freedoms guaranteed by our current Constitution, Mr. Chavez, form the foundation of what has made the United States of America the greatest nation on the planet.

So, here's my free advice to you . . . "shut the ____ up."

*Two other contenders for "favorite lunatic dictator" come to mind but both were disqualified.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran is certainly a lunatic but he answers to "Supreme Leader" Ali Khamenei and, therefore, doesn't qualify as a dictator.  And nobody's really sure that North Korea's Kim Jong-il is still alive.

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