Monday, September 1, 2008

Grandma Vice President?

If John McCain is elected president and Sarah Palin vice-president in November, come January McCain will be addressed as Mr. President and Palin will be Madam Vice-President.  But I suspect that she will prefer the title she'll receive this December even more . . . "Grandma."

Palin's daughter Bristol (shown here holding her 5-month-old brother Trig) is pregnant.  Yes, she's only 17.  No, she's not married.  Yes, she and her boyfriend made a mistake and engaged in activity with this possible result before they were married.  But mistakes happen.  Life happens.  What matters his how people deal with those mistakes.  And it seems that Bristol, her boyfriend, and the entire Palin family are handling this pregnancy perfectly, with "unconditional love and support."  The Palins seem to understand that this child is a gift from God.

Thankfully, this child is coming into a family that believes in the sanctity of life.  I hate to think about what might have happened if such a "scandal" arose in the family of a "Pro-Choice" politician.  

Sarah and Todd Palin are "proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby."  They should be.  In that respect, they raised her right.  Bristol and the baby's father plan to marry.  Good for them.

I remember when my wife and I first told our parents that we were expecting a baby.  And I remember when the baby was born.  I remember the looks on the grandparents' faces and I could feel the joy in their hearts.   If McCain and Palin win this election, the VP-to-be may think that she's happy this November but those feelings will shrink to nothing when she becomes Grandma Vice President in November.  And if they lose in November, Governor Palin may be sad for a while but come December, it won't seem to matter anymore.


Dameon said...

Hey, freedom of choice!

A 17 year old girl is a concenting adult. Mom's not responsible for her pregnancy.

I thought the Democrats were all for that sort of thing. They should be lining up to support Palin now, right?

St. Louis Conservative said...

Don't count on it.

Latinmassgirl said...


No Democrat running for VP would "allow" a teenager of theirs to have a baby, unwed. No, she would be told the only "humane" thing to do is to abort the "fetus".

The liberal Democrats are all for pre-marital sex, but it must not result in a live baby, unless of course it is "wanted".