Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An argument for guns . . . and Darwinism

Today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported today on an attempted armed robbery of a City bar foiled by a gun-wielding bartender Monday.  When the criminals walked into the bar, pulled a handgun, and ordered everyone to hit the floor, the bartender pulled his own gun and fired, hitting one of the robbers, Demetric Harbin, twice in the rear.  Harbin was arrested, but his compatriot escaped (you can't win them all).

Criminals shouldn't be the only armed people in the world.  If gun control advocates had succeeded in eviscerating the Second Amendment, this robbery would likely have succeeded and who knows what else might have happened.

It is also fortunate that neither Harbin nor his fellow robber was smart enough to determine what kind of bar they intended to victimize . . . the bar, Pooh's Corner, just happens to be a hangout for off-duty and retired police officers, like the unnamed bartender hero.

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