Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Democrats Defeated - Drill, Drill, Drill

David Obey, the Democrat who chairs the House Appropriations Committee, admitted defeat today and said that the provision continuing a ban on offshore oil drilling will will be dropped and the ban will be allowed to expire.

I suppose that the Democrats finally realized that utilization of American resources in the face of a global energy crisis might make sense after all.

Kudos to the Republicans in the House of Representatives for keeping the issue alive  . . . and winning the fight!

Now, what about ANWR?

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Dameon said...

I was leaning against drilling in the ANWR, until I looked up where it's at. I like the outdoors and I'm all for preservation. But this part of the plant is unihabitable by humans - no one is going to go there to enjoy the wilderness. While there is, of course, wildlife in the area, I believe the polar bears and such could cohabitate with some oil wells, so long as the oil companies don't completely destroy the area.

Drill, baby, drill.