Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Report from the Big Fat Who Cares Department

The rest of the world wants Obama.  We know.

Matt Damon, Susan Sarandon, Pam Anderson, and George Clooney want Obama.  We know that too.

The latest celebrities noted on the Obama-wagon include Ashley Judd (that "vocal supporter of abortion rights") who Political Fix at the Post-Dispatch reports was "pitching-in" on phone banks around the state today before appearing at a "Women's Economic Policy" forum this evening in the Delmar Loop.

Judd's support for Obama seems tame (and lucid) in comparison to Lindsay Lohan who posted a rant against Sarah Palin saying that she couldn't "bite [her] tongue anymore."  Lohan says that Palin is probably not qualified to be more than a television news anchor.

Just who do these celebrities think they are?  Why are they given a forum to speak on politics?  Is Lindsay Lohan qualified to determine who is and is not ready for the vice presidency?  Qualified to vote, sure.  But to lead opinion because she's an actress - not even close.

So to all the Hollywood types out there telling us who to vote for in November . . . WHO CARES!


Mockarena said...

You might like our site, since we hate on Ashley and since I'm probably as conservative as you are. :) Check us out at, and the I Hate Ashley Judd category specifically. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

"Just who do these celebrities think they are? Why are they given a forum to speak on politics?"

You've apparently taken a forum to speak on politics. Who do you think you are?

Anonymous said...

This is why democracy doesn't work.


Dameon said...

Anon at 9:37 has a point there, SLC.

Anonymous said...

to Anon at 9:37:

He is THE St. Louis Conservative - I think he knows what he talking about.


St. Louis Conservative said...

Thanks SW for recognizing the truth.

But here's the distinction anon . . . I don't use my celebrity to make people listen to my political point of view. My political point of view creates my celebrity - such as it is.

Dameon said...

Just noticed the cross Ashley Judd is wearing in that picture. What a hypocrit.