Sunday, September 28, 2008

Debate Dud

It took me most of the weekend to watch most of Friday's debate on my DVR.  Not surprisingly, it ran over the allotted time so I suppose it is possible that something exciting happened after my recording cut off . . . but I doubt it.

Neither John McCain nor Barack Obama excelled.  Neither looked presidential.  And neither explained a single position with more detail or insight than a typical stump speech or talking point.  On the other hand, neither candidate made a huge gaffe, so likely both are claiming victory.

The format flopped.  Despite Jim Lehrer's efforts to get the candidates to address each other directly, they didn't.  Neither seemed to have been briefed on or okayed the plan.  Certainly neither was ready to interact directly with the other.  And, most galling to me, neither McCain nor Obama answered a single question directly.

Maybe it is naive to expect more from these guys in this context - but I did.  

I do wish that there was another viable choice in November.

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