Tuesday, September 30, 2008

00 Joe

Last week Joe Biden's tall tale about his helicopter being "forced down" in Afghanistan was in the news.  (The helicopter actually landed safely in a field because of inclement weather.)

But that wasn't the first time Biden had exaggerated his "dangerous" foreign exploits.  Last year during a debate, when he was still running for the Democrats' presidential nomination, Biden claimed that he had been "shot at" while in the Green Zone in Iraq.  He wasn't.  In reality, "some sort of projectile 'landed' outside a building where he and another senator had spent the night."  (Link to Fox News story here.)

Apparently Joe Biden wants to paint himself as an action hero - James Bond on a fact-finding mission.  Should we call him Double Oh Joe?  

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thetimman said...

I think your use of the word "inclement" is derivative and pretentious.