Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eat your vegetables and drink water or pay through the nose!

Signs of the ever increasing intrusion into the lives of common folks are everywhere these days.  What has me riled today is the new linkage between the liberal's concept of healthcare "reform" and the growing nanny state . . . 

In order to pay for the "holy grail" of government-run medicine, the Senate Finance Committee is considering a tax on "soda and other sugary drinks."  (Link to story here.)  So-called "sin" taxes on alcohol and tobacco have been cash cows for our governments' (local, state, and federal) for years.  Politicians don't seem to care that the poorest citizens shoulder most of the burden of these taxes because, after all, the items taxed are "bad for you" so Big Brother is really acting in folks best interest by taking more of their money.  (?)

And here we go again.  In order to protect us all from obesity, the government is going to take more of our money . . . and use it to take over healthcare.

Think this doesn't concern you because you don't drink soda?  Guess what . . . it is not just soda that the liberals are after.  The "Urban Institute," whatever that might be, is calling for a tax on everything "fattening" as part of an "intervention" of "tough love."  (Link to story here.)

Liberals are going to go wild over this idea.  It would allow them to accomplish two of their goals . . . take more money to grow the government and socialize medicine.

But really, enough is enough.  Get off our backs already.  It is not the food's fault that it tastes good or that people eat it.  And it is not the government's responsibility to keep me - or anyone else - thin.


Angela said...

Rush predicted a "Fat Tax" years ago, and I though it was just too silly to really happen. sigh

St. Louis Conservative said...

Nothing is too silly for the liberals these days!