Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Surprise, Surprise - Democrats Oppose Voter I.D.

According to a post at Prime Buzz in the Kansas City Star, Democrats Jay Nixon and Robin Carnahan are strongly opposed to the proposed photo identification requirement for voting.  Secretary of State Carnahan went so far as to call the proposal "absurd."  Is anybody surprised?

I would like to call the Democrats' opposition absurd but it is worse than that.  It is cold and politically calculated.  Requiring the people casting votes on election day to actually be the voters that they claim to be seems like common sense.  But that common sense would prevent the Democrat party machines in St. Louis and Kansas City from tweaking the election results by trotting out operatives to "vote early and vote often."  If this type of vote fraud were prevented, Democrats would lose one of their historic advantages.  But democracy would be better served.

Jay Nixon (Attorney General and candidate-in-waiting for governor) thinks that photo i.d. legislation is "unfortunate."  What is actually unfortunate is that voters won't be required to be who they say they are to cast a vote for Nixon in November.

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