Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Has Opened Pandora's Box

Scientists from Cornell, researching embryonic stem cells, have genetically altered a human embryo.  (AP article)  Allow me to repeat . . . scientists have genetically altered a human embryo.

If that doesn't give you pause and make you wonder if this type of research has gone too far what will?

Creation of designer babies?  Want only blue-eyed children . . . no problem.  

What about athleticism?  Let's tweak the DNA for more power, strength and endurance.

What about race?  The Nazi's have loved to have this tool for the creation of a "master race."

Think that my fears are unfounded?  I hope you're right.  But I'm not sure that there is a technology or scientific discovery in the world that somebody won't try to use in an immoral or unethical ways.  Unfortunately, it is human nature to do so.

Enough is enough.  Shut the box while there still may be time.  Stop the madness.

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