Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inspiration for Brock Olivo

Yesterday, the voters of Muskogee, Oklahoma, elected John Tyler Hammons to be their mayor.  Like 9th District congressional candidate Brock Olivo had never before voted.  

If it is good for Oklahoma, why not Missouri?

Well, first, serving as Muskogee's mayor isn't quite like serving in the U.S. Congress.  And second, unlike Olivo, Mayor-elect Hammons has a good excuse for not voting previously . . . he's just 19 years old and wasn't old enough until now.

Brock, I admire your ambition.  But I think you're starting to high.  You should be running for mayor of Columbia - not congress.  If you were looking to start in an "entry level" position, I wouldn't be so hard on you.

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Anonymous said...

Agree - Being a star at MU does not equate to Congress qualified. Brock, please put your ego aside and do what is best for the state of Missouri.