Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Getting My Wish . . . An Hour of Hillary

Early in this presidential election cycle, back when Hillary Clinton receiving the Democrat's nomination seemed inevitable, I commented to a friend that the best way to stop her would be to give her time on television.  The more she talks and the more people listen to her the more they see just how horrible she is.  Barack Obama, John McCain and the GOP should offer spend their money on TV time for Hillary instead of running their own campaigns.

But maybe they won't have to . . .

Matt Drudge is reporting that ABC is giving Hillary and hour on Sunday.  She'll be appearing in a town hall format hosted by former Clintonite turned impartial (Ha!) journalist, George Stephanopoulos.  

I'm quite certain that ABC thinks an hour of free airtime will help Hillary or they wouldn't be doing it.  But trust me . . . the more people who watch Hillary speak, the more people will want to vote for anybody else.

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