Thursday, May 29, 2008

Calling Steelman Out For Political Pandering

The Joplin Globe threw a hard but accurate punch at Republican candidate for governor Sarah Steelman in an editorial today for staging "a political stunt."  
Steelman, according to the Globe, invited reporters to a store where she made a show of purchasing a rifle as a birthday present for her 13-year-old son.  She "posed for the cameras, holding various rifles while pretending to set her sights on a target.  She then posed for a news conference in front of display cases of shells."

The Globe supports gun rights but called Steelman's event "nonsense" since her support for the Second Amendment is "a given."  And probably since both her political rivals also claim to support gun rights.  The editorial concluded with a request . . . "Next time, Sarah, don't call a press conference unless you really have something to say."

Kudos to the Joplin Globe.  Well said.

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