Thursday, May 8, 2008

Revitalized Arch Grounds?

The National Park Service, which operates the Gateway Arch and 91 acres surrounding it in downtown St. Louis, seems finally to have realized that it is mismanaging that property.  Right now, there is nothing to do on the Arch grounds but visit the Arch and the museum beneath it.  And, by the way, there isn't an easy way to get from downtown St. Louis to the Arch without risking your life dodging traffic. 

According to an article by Jake Wagman in today's Post-Dispatch, however, the Park Service "will begin taking public input on what to do with the grounds surrounding the Gateway Arch."  It is about time.

Downtown needs to be the hub of this community . . . and not just when there's a sporting event.  The Arch could be the focal point and gathering place.  But a few food vendors and restrooms aren't enough.  We need to think big and add attractions to the are for locals and tourists alike.  Give people a reason to head downtown.  Restaurants, rides and games, shopping, etc.

By the way, it would also make sense to make it easy for them to get there on foot or in a car.  And if they choose to drive - - don't make them pay to park.

Revitalizing the Arch grounds should be something every St. Louisan can agree on.


Brian said...

Hopefully after the 40 project is done and the new 70 bridge gets build the "lid" idae would be on the table again. I think taking the park all the way to the courthouse steps would be a great thing.

St. Louis Conservative said...

I agree completely - but I worry that if we hold out for that we'll end up with nothing.

Anonymous said...

This is Bruce:

I got an idea. Let's build some lofts around the Arch. It seems to be the ONLY idea St Louis developers can all agree with. Better yet, let's turn the Arch into lofts.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Great idea . . . since Ballpark Village seems to have died, housing on the riverfront sounds great.