Monday, May 5, 2008

Hillary Wants to "Take Care of You" . . . Has the time come to vote her off the island?

Hillary Clinton gave a speech in North Carolina today digging at Barack Obama's oratorical gifts.  "In the end of the day," she said, "you don't hire a president to make speeches.  You hire a president to solve problems."  This is the money quote from the speech and is being widely reported.  (Example)  I can't find the rest of the speech anywhere so I can't link to it.

But I heard a longer quotation in the car this morning on CBS Radio News.  Hillary stated her position that in addition to hiring a president to "solve problems," she also said that you hire a president to "take care of you."

I don't know about the rest of you but I don't want Hillary taking care of me.

It isn't the role of the president to "take care of" the citizens of this country - or did I miss that somewhere in Article II of the Constitution.  And it shouldn't be the role of the president, the government or anybody else.  An individual is responsible for taking care of himself or herself.

Hillary's comments about the role of the presidency show her to be a true big-government liberal.  She believes that the federal government ought to have its hands in your life and mine as much as possible because we can't take care of ourselves.  Thankfully Hillary and her liberal friends are willing to impose a nanny state and take care of us.  After all, "it takes a village . . ."

I know that conventional wisdom is that Republicans should be favoring a Hillary nomination because she would be easier to defeat in November.  But I'm beginning to worry about that.  McCain's election isn't a lock against anybody.  And I'm not sure the country could take four years with Hillary back in the White House.

Shouldn't we learn a lesson from the first season of Survivor and vote Richard Hatch off the island at the first opportunity?

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