Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama Quits Church - Why? - Because He's a Politician

Today comes news that Barack Obama has formally resigned from Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.  It's about time, of course, but does anyone believe that Obama's motives are pure?  Does anyone actually believe that after twenty plus years of loyal support he finally realized that the positions consistently taken by the church and its pastors, including Jeremiah Wright, were at odds with his own positions?  

I certainly can't believe that.  Instead I believe the obvious.  Barack Obama is willing to say or do anything in an effort to obscure his true beliefs.  In cutting ties with Trinity and with Wright, Obama is attempting to quell the ongoing controversy and paint himself as mainstream when he's anything but.

As Rev. Wright himself put it, Obama is "a politician, I'm [Wright is] a pastor.  We speak to two different audiences.  And he says what he has to say as a politician."

Well Rev. Wright, now Obama is not just talking the talk.  He's walking the walk and doing what he has to do as a politician.  But don't worry.  He doesn't mean it.  It is just for show to fool the electorate.  Obama's still a fan . . . but only in private.

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