Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's lead is shrinking

This chart comes from the latest published results of Gallup's Daily Election Polling Results.  As you can clearly see, the gap between Barack Obama and John McCain is narrowing as McCain cuts into Obama's ever-so-small lead.  With only two points separating the candidates, four percent of the electorate unaccounted for and possibly undecided, and a three point margin of error.  This race is clearly TOO CLOSE TO CALL.

So to all my Republican friends out there . . . don't give up.  Keep up the fight.  Hope remains despite what the media (or even this blogger in my more pessimistic moods) might tell you.

Get out and vote for McCain-Palin on Tuesday.  Shock Obama!  Shock the media!  Shock the world!


thetimman said...

So, your fat lady post was premature?

Dameon said...

Na, SLC is just hanging on to that last thin string of hope.

St. Louis Conservative said...

It springs eternal Dameon. It springs eternal.