Friday, October 24, 2008

The Effects of Socialism

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's anti-American dictator, is a Socialist.  (And, no, that isn't a code word for "black.")  His country has vast oil reserves and tremendous potential wealth.  

But, unfortunately for the people of Venezuela, their country's petro-dollars have not translated into basic electrical service.  Venezuela suffers chronic power shortages and has gone through three nationwide blackouts this year alone.

Socialism hasn't worked in the past; isn't working in the present; and shouldn't be tried in the future.

That's a lesson that America's voters should learn before November.

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dameon said...

Not to side with Chavez, but the article states that the power system has been neglected for 20 years.

Chavez just nationalized the electric companies last year. The largest was U.S. owned before that.

You can't blame this one on socialism just yet.