Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VP Debate Moderator is Pro-Obama Shill

PBS's Gwen Ifill is hosting Thursday's vice presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.  She's, of course, an esteemed member of the Fourth Estate.  As a journalist, of course, she wouldn't have any personal stake in the election that would cloud her ability to fairly and impartially discharge her duties as an independent moderator.  Right?

Wrong.  She's writing a book about Barack Obama called "The Breakthrough."  The book is about how the "black political structure" is changing with new leaders emerging like Obama.

Does it surprise anyone anymore that a reporter is aligned with the Democrats?  It shouldn't.  But it galls me how in the tank Big Media is for Obama this year.  This is just the latest example.  Enough already!


thetimman said...

McCain constantly needs to be saved from himself, in my opinion. And Sarah Palin is going to have to do it again. This debate is stacked to the teeth against her, and should she trounce Biden (as I hope and expect she will) she will again put wind into the sails of the McCain campaign.

Palin brought him tons of support. How? She is a genuine, refreshing, intelligent conservative. So what does he do? Keep her in virtual isolation for three weeks, away from their base in talk radio, etc., allowing her to get smeared and beaten up by other shills than Ifill.

He missed his opportunity to take the populist position against the bailout, and to call out Obama and company's leading role in the fiasco.

McCain is a national hero to whom I could not begin to compare myself. So, please take the following analogy in the right way-- it just seems that he is so used to patiently enduring torture that he can't bring himself to torch these tortuous false friends he has in the media.

John! You have people more than ready to fight for you-- if you show any yourself.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Well said.