Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Don't throw in the towel."

Just now, on the way to lunch, I heard Rush Limbaugh imploring us not to throw in the towel.  Too late Rush, I threw it in last night.

Limbaugh, gallantly, is asking his audience to "drag McCain over the finish line."  But the lifeless corpse of his candidacy is getting heavier and heavier.  And we're getting tired of pulling that weight around.

And what would be our reward if we do get McCain elected?  A McCain presidency.  Oh boy.

Rush is advocating a one-step-at-a-time approach.  I'm paraphrasing now (writing it down while driving would have been dangerous) but he's asking us to save the country from Barack Obama and then save it from the inevitable liberalism (a.k.a. "reaching across the aisle" or "working with Democrats") of a McCain administration.  Isn't it sad that electing a guy that we'll have to save the country from is the best choice?

I truly hope that I'm wrong but I think a Democrat romp in November is now very likely.

The Republican Party can respond to this defeat in one of two ways . . . it can become a true conservative alternative to the Democrats or it can fade into obsolescence.


thetimman said...

Funny, that doesn't look like Sarah Palin.

Dameon said...

It's done. It's over. It's finished. Kaput. Fertig. Finito. Terminado. Gotowych. Fini.

Anonymous said...

Don't wuss out now...there's still a month to go, and you never know with the electoral college. I mean, who would've thought the 2006 Cardinals would've won the World Series with a month left to go in the season?


St. Louis Conservative said...

SW, I almost referenced the 2006 Cardinals and my prediction of their certain demise in last night's post - but was (and am) too down on McCain to hold out even that much hope.