Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Warner Brothers hiding McCain Interview

Warner Brothers studios is set to release a DVD version of the 1987 drama, Hanoi Hilton.  Republican presidential candidate John McCain was, of course, a prisoner in the real Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War.  Back in May, the movie's writer/director, Lionel Chetwynd, interviewed McCain as part of a promotion for the film's DVD release.  Chetwynd planned to show the McCain interview at screenings for veterans' groups and on the internet but Warner Brothers has blocked him from doing so because, the studio claims, they're "trying to be cautious and not affect the election in one way or the other."  (Link to story.)

Yeah, right.

Refusing to allow the showing of something positive about McCain fits quite well with Hollywood's m.o.  It is simply the flip-side of the coin that allows Lions Gate Entertainment to release W this friday or Fahrenheit 9/11 in 2004.  If the project paints a Republican in a bad light, by all means, release it before an election.  On the other hand, if it shines a positive light on a Republican, well, we wouldn't want to affect the election.

As Lionel Chetwynd put it, "finding someone in Hollywood who says they don't want to affect the election is like finding a virgin in a brothel."  Take both claims with a grain (or ton) of salt.

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Latinmassgirl said...

I think it is safe to say that we in America have a one party controlled media and film makers/television producers.

The Democratic party has infiltrated everything and there is no longer any real unbiased journalism in the media. They are destroying themselves as the American people are beginning to see the light!