Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama Youth

If you haven't seen the video of ten teenagers at a Kansas City charter school teacher-sanctioned event, click here, you should see it.  The video is downright scary.

These boys in their military-style uniforms are choreographed to march around and chant praises to Barack Obama.  Their "leader" has inspired them.  Granted, this little video is no Leni Riefenstahl production, but the only thing missing is cinematic quality.  

This "Obama Youth" event comes fast on the heels of the sickeningly sweet (on one level but just sickening on another) video release of little children singing about their wonderful beloved Obama.  That video can and should be seen here.

This is absolute indoctrination at a base level.  A cult of personality has developed around Barack Obama and is growing day by day.  No man should be worshiped this way.

Does this scare anyone else?

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thetimman said...

Yeah, I don't see Riefenstahl working with this particular class.

Also, was your last question rhetorical?