Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama Supporter Calls Americans Racist

Yesterday, a high profile supporter of Barack Obama's bid for the presidency lashed out at the American electorate saying that "profound racism" will stop millions of Americans from voting for the Democratic nominee.  White Americans, this supporter says, simply "cannot reconcile themselves to the idea that a black person . . . could occupy the White House, which is called just that:  white."  Furthermore, this guy claims that it's "a miracle" that Obama hasn't been assassinated because of his "dreams of equality and justice."  (Link to AP story here.)

Just who is this Obama supporter . . . Fidel Castro.

(The picture kind of gives it away, doesn't it.)

I know that the octogenarian Cuban dictator is a blow hard communist and I could not really care less what he has to say about American politics but it is interesting to note who the communists worldwide are supporting in November.  In addition, Castro's comments aren't that far from the comments of prominent Americans.  See, for example, Congressman John Lewis (D-Gerorgia), Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-Florida), Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean, Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kansas) or Jack Cafferty of CNN.

Enough of the racist nonsense already.  It is possible to be anti-Obama and not anti-black.  I think that his election could prove to be the worst thing to happen to the country in my lifetime but it is because of Obama's extreme liberalism, not because of his race.

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Dameon said...

While I'm not all that happy with the direction the polls are going, I believe your predictions of doom and gloom are a little far fetched.

Its no great supprise to see Castro, Chavez, and most of Europe backing Obama, since their all very left thinking governments, but that's just another entry in the "Who cares" department.

I get tired of hearing the race card being played all the time as well. For those of use who grew up after the '60s, it seems a little far fetched. However, the largest voting block in the nation is over 60, and I've heard comments from people of earlier generations that lead me to believe that this election may not be over yet. And it's unfortunate that if McCain pulls it out, there will always be that question of whether race played a factor.