Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trending up . . . good sense

Three polls released today caught my eye today:

First, is Barack Obama's job approval rating . . . in a little more than one year, the percentage of Americans who "approve" of the way the president is doing his job has plummeted from 68% to 46%.  And the number of Americans who "disapprove" has climbed from 12% to 45%.

The second poll shows the number of Americans who believe that the threat of "global warming" is "generally exaggerated" has risen from a low of 30% in 2001 and 35% in 2008 all the way to 48%.  That poll also indicated that while 50% still believe that "global warming" is due mostly to human activities opposed to 46% blame natural causes, that split is much better than the 61-33 split in 2003.

Third, Roy Blunt is holding a 47%-41% lead over Robin Carnahan in Missouri's U.S. Senate race.

So, overall, I think the polls are showing that the reality trend is rising.  Man-made "global warming" is a hoax, Barack Obama a terrible mistake, and Robin Carnahan a soon-to-be failed candidate.  Given the trends, before long, good sense will be the majority view.

And if that happens before November, the Democrats are in really big trouble.

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