Sunday, March 21, 2010


219 votes for a government takeover of American healthcare.

219 votes to take a giant step toward the end of America as we know it.  

219 votes for Socialism . . . against the will of the people.

If you can stomach the bad enough facts and the even worse AP spin, link here.


Chris and Jenny said...

You scare me. You really do. So, in a couple of sentences, what in your opinion could be a reasonable result from this?

St. Louis Conservative said...

If this so-called healthcare "reform" is not stopped - and it may now be too late . . . we will live in a Socialist America. But, that's just a label, what does it actually mean? First, taxes are going to skyrocket to pay for this new entitlement program. And not just a few percentage points on your already overburdened paycheck - big increases will be necessary to give health insurance to every person in America. And the government is already so out of money that it is unfathomable. Second, your heath, everyone's health will be in the hands of the federal government because private insurance cannot compete with a government program. This is the point of no return on a step to a single-payer government-run health plan. The government will decide who gets care and when. The government will decide how much to pay doctors, hospitals, drug companies, and the like - by fiat, not market forces. And, being unable to make a money at it, folks aren't going to pursue medical fields like they do now. Quality and quantity of available care will decline. And, then, who decides who gets what's left? The D.C. government does. And how will they decide? Whoever has been scratching their back lately gets an MRI. Whoever has been voting for the opposition . . . well, they can wait.

Sorry that's more than a couple of sentences. But, well, it's my blog so I get to go long.