Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The convoluted "logic" of "gun control" advocates

In this otherwise nondescript story about the U.S. Supreme Court hearing (not deciding - which would actually be news) a gun control case pertaining to the City of Chicago's ban on handguns in the home comes this "logical" nugget in two, back-to-back paragraphs . . .

"In 1982, Chicago imposed the strict gun ordinance to help combat rampant gang and firearm violence that plagued the city.

"In court papers, lawyers for the city of Chicago [arguing in favor of the ban] pointed out that 402 of the 412 firearm homicides occurred with the use of handguns in 2008."

Did everybody catch that?  Handguns were responsible for 402 of 412 homicides involving firearms in 2008 . . . that's 26 year after those handguns were banned.

How's that handgun ban workin' out for you Chicago?

Brilliant.  Let's keep passing laws that make the law-abiding disarm while those who couldn't care less about laws against harming other people, much less laws banning handguns, keep their weapons.  That makes for a fair fight, doesn't it?

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