Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stop the Presses! A Massachusetts Democrat and ally of Nancy Pelosi may vote to uphold the integrity of the democratic process!

According to this article from the Boston Herald, Representative Stephen Lynch (D-Massachusetts), one of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's floor whips, previously a "yes" vote on Pelosi's version of Obamacare, has indicated that he will "probably" vote against the Senate version of the bill when it comes up and could not support Pelosi's plan to "deem" the Senate bill passed without anybody casting a vote.  To do that would be "disingenuous.  . . . It would really call into question the credibility of the House."

It would do more than that Congressman Lynch.  There would be no question of credibility if the Democrat leaders jam this through in such a squirrelly way.  There would simply be no credibility.

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