Sunday, March 7, 2010


We conservatives don't count George W. Bush as a full member of the club.  We voted for him, twice and en masse, but only because he was so much better for the country than Al Gore and John Kerry.  But during his term in office, the national debt of the United State of America increased by $4.97 trillion.  (Link here.)  That's not conservative folks, not by any method of accounting.

So what's the difference between George W. Bush and Barack Obama?  $4.73 trillion or so.  That's a whole bunch of money.

I wish that I was kidding.  I wish that I was just piling on a president I don't like.  But, unfortunately, I'm not kidding.  The Congressional budget office has issued a report projecting that Obama's proposed budget will add $9.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade.  (Link to story here.)

As bad as Bush was at spending our money (and more) . . . Obama's twice as bad.

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