Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anybody going to see Barack Obama tomorrow? Not you. Not me. And not Robin Carnahan.

President Obama will be delivering a speech tomorrow afternoon at St. Charles High School.  But will he be facing a crowd of typical Missourians?  A representative sample?

No way.  Typical Missourians would boo Obama off the stage.  A representative sample would be overwhelmingly against Obamacare.

The Democrats can't be seen with real people these days.  They have to be hand-picked props.  To ensure an enthusiastic response and an artificial photo-op or sound-bite of cheering throngs, Obama's speech is by invitation only.  (Link to story here.)

But even though she's an enthusiastic supporter of Obama's, Robin Carnahan, the Democrats' U.S. Senate nominee-in-waiting, won't be seen with him.  Nope.  Even though I begged her to appear with her party's president and sink her campaign (link here), she didn't take the bait.  Instead, Carnahan will be in Washington, D.C. tomorrow.  (Link here.)

That's too bad.  So I'll try one more time . . . Please Robin.  Pretty please.  Change your plans and stand up with your guy.

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