Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to St. Louis Mr. President

I must admit that my first response to this story was negative.  Barack Obama is coming to St. Louis for the All-Star Game and will throw out the first pitch at Busch Stadium on July 14.

St. Louis is my home and, frankly, I'd rather this particular president stay as far away as possible.  But, you know what, we need to rise above partisanship, whether Democrats do or not.  When the president comes to town to do his ceremonial duties, everyone in town should respect the office . . . if not the man who holds it.

So, welcome Mr. President.  Throw your pitch and then don't let the Arch hit you in the backside on the way out of town.

(By the way, 2004 was the last time a president threw out the first pitch in St. Louis.  George W. Bush came to town and the Cardinals won the N.L. pennant that year.  Will Obama's appearance bring the same [or better] karma?  Stay tuned.)

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thetimman said...

Based on job performance, I'd guess this visit, far from guaranteeing a World Series appearance, would likely cause Pujols to go down with a season ending injury and the team to be sold to Nanking.