Friday, June 12, 2009

Bumper Sticker Juxtaposition

SLC observed a vehicle with today with several bumper stickers.  Two of them caught my eye.  They're noteworthy because of their proximity on the same car.

The first one read . . . "Don't Steal . . . Government hates competition."

The second one read . . . "Hillary Clinton 2008."

How can someone who believes that the government is stealing the people's money support one of the biggest proponents of such crime?

I'm reminded again of the essential truth of life . . . people are stupid!

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MP said...

I think that many people, like one of my own relatives, tend to rely on the network news, thinking that everything they report on is fact!

It is easy to be a misinformed liberal, as the main stream media spoon feeds them the propaganda they wish for them to believe.

And, like faithful sheep, they follow, bleating all of the way. Baahhhh. . .