Thursday, June 4, 2009

What will save the newspaper industry? The Post knows!

At a time when newspapers across the country are losing readership, scaling back, and running a serious risk of going belly-up, our town's St. Louis Post-Dispatch has gotten its act together.  The folks down at the Post know what will sell papers in St. Louis and, heck, this great idea might catch on nationally and save the entire industry.

Has the Post decided to do more hard news and less fluff?  No.

Has the Post decided to do more of its own original reporting rather than continue to rely on news services?  Nope.

Has the Post decided to give more space to sports?  Not that either.

Has the Post decided to report news instead of advocating its editors' liberal point of view?  Ha.

No, the Post decided to bring back "Our Own Oddities," a comic feature that ran from 1940-1990, when it was canceled because, frankly, it was stupid.  

How I missed this story of the resurrected saviour of the newspaper last month, I'll never know.  But, I'll make it up to you . . . here's a link to stltoday's photo gallery showing "Oddities" from the past.


thetimman said...

Stupid? How can a drawing of a potato chip that looks like Abraham Lincoln be stupid!?

dameon said...

Newspapers that missed the Internet bandwagon are DONE. That medium just doesn't make sense anymore.