Monday, June 15, 2009

Conservatives: We are not isolated crackpots! We hold the PLURALITY opinion!

Here's another story that won't get much play in Big Media . . . but the United States is a conservative country!  Forty percent of Americans in a Gallup Poll identify themselves as conservative.  Forty percent!  (Link here.)

While that's not a majority, it is a plurality.  There are more self-identified conservatives than moderates, who make up just 35% of the population and far more conservatives than liberals.  Just 21% of Americans call themselves liberals.

It is too bad that mainstream media paints conservatism as extremism and as the minority viewpoint.  It simply isn't.  Just because liberals run the press, the most popular opinions in the country are silenced and tiny minority opinions are represented as the norm.  (See for example, the abortion debate.)

Trust your instincts conservatives.  Hold firm to your positions and ideas.  There is popular support out here.  I hope (and am beginning to suspect) that we might see some significant signs of that support in November of 2010.

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