Monday, June 15, 2009

Is the Obama administration trying to tick off the British, or just naive?

What would America think if the United Kingdom, a nation that we consider a friend and ally, decided to take a few terrorists from a prison that its new leader decided to close and transfer them to Puerto Rico without telling us?

We'd be furious, of course, to put it mildly.  And rightly so.

But, guess what, the U.S. has transported four terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to Bermuda . . . a British territory.  And, guess what, nobody bothered to let the Brits know in advance.  (Link to story here.)

In the interest of being completely fair to the administration, they did consult with Bermudan officials but, as Toby Hamden writes in the article linked above, "the UK's responsibility for the security of Bermuda is well known to U.S. diplomats."

Well, it should be.  If it is, this is a slap to an ally's face.  If it isn't, this is another sign that our current administration is not ready for the big leagues.

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