Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama makes things up . . . media covers up . . . just a typical day in the liberal neighborhood.

Not a day goes by without Barack Obama or someone from his administration touting the number of jobs that their programs have "saved or created."  And the media reports the claims with a smile and sometimes a bow.

But, trouble is, Obama's numbers are "pure fiction."  There is no way to calculate "jobs saved" so the administration is simply making things up.  And the vaunted Fourth Estate is doing nothing about it . . . save possibly this piece from the Wall Street Journal.

Why are newspapers in trouble?  Why is television news in trouble?  Because nobody reports anymore.  The media simply serves as a massive public relations arm for liberal causes.

Media has always leaned left but it seems more open and obvious since George W. Bush was first elected and has reached new highs (or lows) since the coronation of President Obama.

Enough is enough.

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