Friday, May 15, 2009

Pro-Lifers: We are not isolated crackpots! We are the MAJORITY opinion!

Don't expect much reporting of this in Big Media.  Reporters will continue to portray those of us who believe in the right of unborn children to live as a fringe minority . . . but they're wrong.

According to a Gallup poll released today (link here), 51% of                                                                          Americans are Pro-Life!

Only 42% of Americans call themselves Pro-Choice.  And only 22% believe that abortion should be legal in all circumstances.  23% of Americans believe that abortion should never be legal and 53% believe that it should be legal only under certain circumstances.  What those circumstances are is not defined but when that middle group is questioned further, 60% of them indicate no circumstances or only a few circumstances when abortion should be legal.

The long and short of it is this . . . a significant majority of Americans believe that life has value before birth and is deserving of legal protection.  Most of us believe that aborting a fetus should be illegal in most circumstances.  (Too bad most of America voted for a man who does not believe that but, alas, that's water under the bridge.)  Isn't the time here to make the majority view the law of the land?

Is there any hope that President Obama is a poll-watcher and will take this into account when determining who to nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court?  Well, no.  But, the issue should never have been fought there anyway.  

The Supreme Court overstepped its bounds in Roe v. Wade and the Pro-Life movement has been fighting back in our opponents' chosen forum for too long.  The killing of children should be stopped by the people through their elected representatives.  We can't rely on unelected judges to do the right thing or even to take themselves out of the fight.  The people must reassert their power.  If it takes an amendment to the Constitution, so be it.

Is the GOP listening?  Do Republicans want an issue to run on?  One with the support of a majority of Americans?


Anonymous said...

Amazingly our own STL PD carried this story on the 2nd to last page. A couple of observations.
The pro lifers gained 7 points while the pro deathers lost 8 points, should this trend continue this could be a great issue to run on in 2012.
A PD article last week suggested the Catholic hierarchy was in danger of alienating the flock by fighting Obama at Notre Dame. This poll suggests the opposite giving Catholics a rallying point to bring some back to the flock and revealing Obama for who he is assuring his defeat in 2012. That is if we aren't on FBI watch lists for voting against him.

Dameon said...

The problem with the pro life movement is that even most people who say they are pro life do not view it as the most important issue in an election. And until that is the case, the movement will not gain enough pro life congress members and senators to make a difference. I have not voted for a Democratic candidate since 2000 *specifically* because of this one single issue. I didn't used to be a one issue voter, but I have been convinced that this issue is more important than any other because the victims, in this case, have no ability to fight the system on their own, unlike the economic problems, unlike the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, unlike any other issue.

As a Catholic, I do not have a problem with Obama speaking at Notre Dame - I have a problem with Notre Dame inviting him and letting him.