Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A better illustration . . .

Last night I wrote a piece warning Democrats not to trust their new found friend Arlen Specter.  I chose an image of notorious traitor Benedict Arnold to illustrate the entry.  But I could have done better.  Arnold merely sold out his patriot friends.  He didn't turn around and sell out the British afterward.  Arnold had some scruples.

Richard Hatch's story bears more resemblance to Specter's.  Hatch was the villain on the first season of Survivor who lied his way to victory, though nobody really seemed to like him and he spent most of his time walking around naked.

But Hatch won.  I don't think Specter is coming out the winner on this season of Survivor Senate.  Nope.  He's lost all his seniority in the Senate already.  (Link to story here.)  The best illustration that I can come up with does come from Survivor, though, in Season 7's Jonny Fairplay, who lied his way to being voted off the Pearl Islands.

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