Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pro-Life Pastor has opportunity at Obama Inauguration

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, has been tapped to deliver the invocation at Barack Obama's Inauguration on January 20.  Dr. Warren is unabashedly Pro-Life.  The President-elect is certainly not.  

My initial reaction to this news was disappointment.  I was disappointed to hear that a powerful Pro-Life leader would be seen on the same dais as a man who supports - or at the very least failed to oppose - infanticide.

But after thinking about about it, my disappointment faded into indifference, and now I'm even beginning to be a bit, probably naively, hopeful . . . hopeful that buried within the invocation will be a petition for mercy on our nation for the sins committed against the unborn and a request for a divine hand to guide our new leaders on life issues.

Dr. Warren has an opportunity here.  Will he take it?

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thetimman said...

'naively' is certainly the word, I'm afraid.