Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Leave our drinks alone!

Facing a budget deficit, New York governor David Patterson, a Democrat, is reaching out to do what Democrats tend to do . . . raising taxes.  In addition to increasing taxes on hospitals and on insurance policies, Patterson is proposing a "fat tax" on non-diet soda.  (Link to story here.)

Yes, that's right, Pepsi and Coke will now join cigarettes and alcohol as "sins" ripe for their own special tax.  What's next?  Candy?  Cookies?  Hamburgers?  Why not, after all, couldn't more revenue be raised by taxing anything and everything fattening?

The number one reason, of course, for the fat tax in New York is to take more money from the people who earned it to allow the government to spend it.  But the reason given is to protect the public health by forcing a healthier lifestyle.  Hogwash!

The government needs to stop using the tax code in an effort to dictate citizens' behavior.

Get out of our lives and our kitchens and let us eat and drink what we what to eat and drink.  Governor Patterson (and your ilk) . . . leave us alone!

Just adding another link here to show you how out-of-control Gov. Patterson's tax proposals are.  12/16/08.  SLC.

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