Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Company Obama Keeps

While attempting to distance himself from his one-time political pal, Rod Blagojevich, there is no way that Barack Obama can distance himself from Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Democrat hand-picked by Obama to serve as his White House chief of staff.

Unfortunately for Obama, Emanuel connects him to Blagojevich.  This morning, Emanuel refused to answer questions about whether or not he was the Obama "advisor" named in the criminal complaint against the governor.  That Obama "advisor" apparently suggested that if Blagojevich appointed a friend of Obama's, Valerie Jarrett, to the U.S. Senate that Blagojevich would would be rewarded - but not immediately - because rewarding him now wouldn't look good.  But Blagojevich didn't want to wait and went ballistic.  

Was Emanuel offering to compensate Blagojevich down the road for a political favor now?  And, if so, was he doing so on his own or under orders?

Serious questions deserve serious investigation.  Can the media be counted on to conduct it?

Stay tuned.

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c.rook said...

The media can not be counted on. But you already knew that. Emanuel could be the one in deep trouble. It is odd that the Feds popped the top on this investigation before they could bag anyone taking Rod B. up on his offer. It has been noted by some that maybe one of Obama's transition teams chanced upon this investigation and forced the issue BEFORE one of their players got caught with their hand in the "cookie jar". I don't feel that the Feds had any reason to rush things and they could have caught others. It makes one think about the corruption behind the corruption.